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AliBaBa Foods has established itself as the Largest manufacturer of Eastern delicacies in South Africa. They have a reputation of producing Delicious, Sumptuous and Finger-Licking Eastern Delights

AliBaBa Foods is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and manufactures "Strictly Halaal" Eastern delicacies such as Samoosas, Pies, Paaper Bites, Rootie Rolls, Rooties, Breyani, Puff pastry (and much more!) and are renowned for manufacturing foods of Exceptional Quality.

AliBaBa Foods firmly believes in the Philosophy of "Faith Moves Mountains". We have absolute Faith in the Almighty, the Creator, the Cherisher, the Nourisher and the Sustainer. To that end, we dedicate ourselves!

AliBaBa Foods based in Cape Town, South Africa manufactures "Strictly Halaal" Eastern delicacies such as "Samoosas, Pies, Rootie Rolls and much more and are renowned for foods of Exceptional Quality

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